Lockdown Chronicles — 23 June

In which I publish some fiction, clear out a desk, and redesign the website to be more accessible.

Another week has flown by, I’m a year older, and we’ve now passed the winter solstice!

Today it’s (finally) our department’s turn to go and clear our desks out at the office, which is really sad. At least I’m going with one of my friends at work, so I won’t be standing there all alone packing up my stuff. That would’ve been a lot worse.

I guess today will be some sort of closure because up until now our desks have just been standing there like they were in March (well, besides being cleaned, obviously) and I’ve only taken my dictionaries and reference books home.

This made me realise that I now need to move quite a few books on my shelves around to be able to fit them in. Luckily I did get another bookshelf a few months ago that I haven’t filled yet (can you believe it!). It seems that the universe knew the other books would be coming home and would need space, haha!

Fiction to read over on Substack

Sunday’s fiction over on The Worlds of Carin Marais was “A River Once Ran Here”, a fairytale-esque story of a silver river on the moon, dancing, and adventurous owls, among others.
Click on the link to read “A River Once Ran Here”.

Yeah… I didn’t quite think the design through

If you’ve been following the blog, you would have seen that I’ve done a redesign of the new design last week. This was after doing an accessibility test and finding out that the site really wasn’t optimised at all. Oops. Huge oops.

I was so taken with making it look pretty that I let that part of the design slip completely. I still like the new design though, and am working towards making the site as accessible as possible with regard to colors, fonts, etc.

In writing news

I’m really looking forward to sharing this week’s Sunday Fiction, the outline of which is basically done now. It’s tentatively called “The Night the Stars Beckoned”, but that may change once I’ve actually finished writing the story.

I also still need to finish editing “The White Road to Cremation” before sending that off again and should get that done by Friday.

Wednesday’s “Writing Wednesday” post over on Substack will be about the Ruon magic in order to bring the new readers up to speed with The Ruon Chronicles. I think I’ve also finally figured out how to structure the first two to three books of the series so that I don’t have a lull of “not much happens here” between book one and two. I’ll go over all of this on the Substack newsletter though, so keep an eye out! (Plus, with this plan, I get to keep all the characters, yay!)

In reading news

Okay, so I haven’t finished the Author Brand book, and also started The Heart to Start by David Kadavy. I’m still looking for a good pre-bedtime read though, as all my reads at the moment seem to either be dark or have exercises and then I rather want to do the exercise than actually go to bed.

I have been listening to the The Lord of the Rings audiobooks (marvelous!), but have now reached the end of The Return of the King. But, with Ian Holm passing this week, I don’t have the heart to finish it just yet…

I have to add that The Lord of the Rings usually ends in ugly crying for me in any case, so this will just lead to extra ugly crying. Which is a lot easier to do when listening to the audiobook, mind you. At least then I can take my glasses off rather than trying to read through tears and blurry glasses!

Until later (this week), keep well!

PS. Remember to go check out “A River Once Ran Here”!

By Carin Marais

Bibliophile, writer of speculative fiction, non-fiction, and maybe-fiction, language practitioner, doer of stuff.

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